A Not So Boring Coffee Table

A coffee table sees a lot in its lifetime. It sees spilled drinks. Greasy food. Stacks of mail. Smelly feet. Last Spring’s magazines. And some of the greatest conversations a family can have.


A coffee table is a lot like a car’s console. It’s never the most important part of the car. However, when you hit a drive-thru or head out on Monday morning with a cup full of hot coffee, if the console and cupholders weren’t there, you would sure notice they were missing right away.


A living room wouldn’t be complete without a coffee table. In fact, try walking in your living room with a drink and a big bag of freshly popped and buttered popcorn right now while your favorite movie or television show is on. Try holding your drink and snack in your lap the entire time.


Five minutes in and 10 pieces of dropped popcorn later, you’re really missing your coffee table.


In the past, coffee tables have been overlooked and undervalued. They have been viewed as an unimportant yet necessary part of a living space. The part of a living room that gets used but hardly ever deems bragging rights or qualifies for focal point status.


Well that changes now. Coffee tables are so much more than boring tables that sit in the middle of your living room to hold food, drinks, mail, and everything else that you have sitting on yours right now. They can actually bring character to a room. There are even storage options in some of the newest coffee tables out on the market. So take a few minutes to check out the new generation of coffee tables that you may be missing out on.

A Storage Coffee Table 


storage coffee table


The first type of table that may change your opinion on coffee tables forever is a storage coffee table. This type of coffee table has storage options that will blow your mind! The days of leaving remotes and extra blankets scattered among the chairs and sofas in your living room is over. Clutter is out and organization is in!


The storage coffee table has a top that lifts up that serves great for a desk or tray for eating. These coffee tables also vary in color, style, and size. The medium to large size lift top coffee tables are often used for people who work on their laptop computers or enjoy reading or studying in comfort. The large to extra large tables are often used for storage of blankets, pillows, board games, movies, and so much more!


Regardless if you have lots to store or if you just want to keep your favorite blanket and pillow on hand for Harry Potter marathons, a storage coffee table may be right for you.

Stay Plugged In With Your Storage Coffee Table


lift coffee table


If you’re constantly on your phone scrolling through Facebook, Snapchat, or checking the stock market, you may blow through your battery quickly. Frustrating, we know. This typically means that you either have to limit your social activity while you’re in your living room, or you have to take your phone to the closest plug in which could be in another room entirely. No good.


Well, those days are over too! Many of these new, storage coffee tables have built in USB, electrical power sources, headphone jacks, and so much more! Literally stay plugged in right on your couch while never missing a beat from your favorite show! 

A Coffee Table With Personality 


Modern, Simplistic Coffee Table


modern coffee table


If your living room is on the smaller size, there are some pretty awesome coffee tables that may be just right for you. For example, more modern, simplistic styles include tables like this one. This clean, simple coffee table accompanies that style of the room without overpowering the space.


modern coffee table


White space is in. Add a touch of color and greenery throughout your living space and you’re good to go! So whether you’re in a country cottage or in a New York studio apartment, a modern, simplistic coffee table may be perfect for you.

Abstract Coffee Table 

If you’re more of an abstract mind, there are even coffee tables out there that might surprise you! Clocks, metal slabs, bricks, driftwood, blackboards, and so much more! If you can imagine it, there is a good chance that it’s out there.

abstract coffee table


For example, check out this clock coffee table from our showroom. It serves as a working clock, but its glass top allows you to sit your drink, dinner plate, magazine, or just about anything else on it; but with a cute table like this one, you could simply use it for decoration!

Vintage Coffee Table 

What’s old is new! That goes for coffee tables too. Do you like vintage decor? Whether you prefer a Victorian style or a replica of an aged wooden chest with lots of character, there is a coffee table for you. Just add your favorite book, cup of your favorite brew, and a simple assortment of flowers, and you’re all set!


vintage coffee table


Couple usefulness with style and leave your guests talking for days! You will love your table so much that you might even dust it before company comes over instead of covering it up with clutter that you don’t want noticed. 

Glass Top Coffee Table 


Some things will never go out of style. Glass top coffee tables is one of those things. Glass top coffee tables have been around for years. Even though they show all fingerprints, spills, dust, and crumbs, they are still a crowd’s favorite go-to for a coffee table. Their timeless style allows for a space to feel less crowded while still offering the usefulness of a regular table right in your living room.


glass top coffee table


So whatever purpose or style that your coffee table serves, appreciate it. Be proud of it. Use it well. Maximize your living space with it. And if it’s time for you to get a new coffee table, keep us in mind.



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