How To Choose The Right Area Rug

Area rugs are an oftentimes overlooked and under appreciated part of a room. However, an area rug can add quite a bit to a living space. For example, it could add color, design, and comfort. If you have tile, concrete, or wood flooring, area rugs do a lot more than just add style – they actually do a great job of adding comfort and warmth to your feet.


Many people avoid shopping for an area rug simply because they don’t know where to start. There are so many colors and styles to choose from, it may seem overwhelming. However, that can change when you think smart before you start. Here are some great things to keep in mind when picking out the perfect area rug for your home or office.


Consider Your Room Layout


First, consider the room that you are wanting to add an area rug to. What kind of furniture is in the space – large or small? What color schemes do you have going? What accessories do you have on the wall? If possible, go stand in the room that you’re planning on purchasing the area rug for. Stand there for a minute. Move around the room to get several vantage points.


Now that you can actually picture the space in your head, make notes. Make notes about the details of your room. Pull out your smartphone and snap a few photos to take with you when you shop. The more prepared on the front end, the less you will second guess your area rug choice.


Do you have an area of your home that people congregate when entertaining? Maybe there is a seating area aside from your main living room that needs a fresh look. Instead of leaving two chairs and a coffee table sitting alone, add an area rug to create a space with personality. The area rug can add character to a dull and previously boring area.


Where To Start 


For a fresh, contemporary look, consider placing your rug in the center of your furniture with no furniture legs resting on the area rug itself. Arrange your seating how you like it before measuring carefully to calculate the length and width of the rug that will work best in your space. If there’s a doorway nearby, consider the amount of room that it will require to open and close, providing easy access to guests.


If you’re currently pondering the seemingly endless possibilities for area rugs in your home or office, here is a list of rooms that typically have area rugs. Hopefully this will help you as you begin your shopping process.


Rooms That Typically Have Area Rugs


Living Areas – Many living areas such as a living room, an entertainment room upstairs or downstairs, a den, and so much more! If you have an office that you’re looking to spruce up, a waiting area or sitting area would be a great spot for an area rug.


Long Hallways – Do you have a hallway that is long and dark? A bright area rug can add life to a darker space and can make a long hallway feel less boring. Try adding wall decor as well that accompanies the style/feel that the area rug brings to the hallway.


Kitchens – This includes small spaces such as around sinks or stovetops/ovens. Not only does an area rug provide extra protection to your floor in a kitchen, it also helps cushion your feet, legs, and back when washing dishes, cooking, etc.


Dining Rooms – Do you have tile or hardwood in your dining room? An area rug can add comfort and style to a dining room along with adding extra protection for hardwood floors, etc.


Bedrooms – A good rule of thumb is to place rugs with 2/3 of the bed on top and 36″ all around. Many people go for extra plush area rugs for their bedroom. This adds comfort and style to your room.


Study – Go with a larger area rug that’s large enough to fit a desk, sofas, filing cabinets, or anything else you have in your study. An area rug in a home study can really tie in a room of randoms to make a comfortable, professional oasis where you can become really effective at work or play.


Entryways – Small area rugs around entryways add an extra guard against dirt and other things that can be tracked through your house on people’s shoes. Try to center your rug around light fixtures that are in your entryway and create a cozy feel.


Choose A Shape & Size


Choosing a shape and size for your area rugs isn’t as hard as it may seem. For larger rooms, make sure that you get a large enough rug that will fit all of your main furniture and accompanying pieces. You never want an area rug to seem like an after thought. Your main focus in picking the right area rug should be to make sure that the area rug completes and accentuates the main furniture pieces already in the space.


Before you purchase your area rug(s), consider the following about sizes and shapes:


●  Round: Round area rugs accompany rooms with round furniture and furnishings well. If you have a small space that you’re trying to make feel much larger, a round area rug may be your best bet! Round area rugs do a good job of making a space feel larger than it really is, and they add a nice cozy feeling to areas such as studies and dens. Standard sizes of round area rugs range from 4′ to 8′ in diameter, with oversize options of 12′ or larger.


●  Square: Square area rugs are in style right now! They fit rooms that have square furniture, tables, decor, etc. Many people are placing large, square area rugs in dining rooms, bedrooms, entertainment rooms, and so much more. Standard sizes range from 4′ to 8′ long and wide, with oversize options of 12′ or larger.


●  Rectangle: If you’re looking for the right shape and size of an area rug for a large room such as a living room, bonus room downstairs, den, master bedroom, etc., a rectangular area rug may be right for you. Some popular smaller rectangular area rugs are placed in hallways, entryways, laundry rooms, etc. Standard sizes range from 2′ by 3′ to 12′ by 14′. Most hallway runner rugs are 2.5′ wide by 8′, 9′ or 10′ long.


If you’re ready to begin shopping for a new area rug, stop by and check out our inventory. We have area rugs of all shapes and sizes. One of our in-house design consultants will be more than happy to help you find the perfect area rug for your home or office. Stop by and see us today!


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